• La Belle Époque at Piano Eckenstein

    La Belle Époque voice and piano duo’s mini Winter tour resumed at Piano Eckenstein’s, a historical landmark of Basel’s musical life. Elitza and I had a blast performing in a beautiful hall, surrounded by a number of breathtaking pianos and evocative historical visual testimonies of the venue’s life. Piano Eckenstein is in fact a traditional […]

  • New Review of Cathy Berberian Pioneer of Contemporary Vocality

    A very positive review of our book was published in the journal Studies in Musical Theatre Volume 8 Number 3© 2014 Intellect Ltd Book Reviews. I will just quote a few lines from the review by Johanna Linsley, University of Bristol “As Francesca Placanica notes, Berberian’s status as ‘muse’ to a series of famous male composers […]

  • La Belle Époque Duo at Jecklin’s, Zurich

    La Belle Époque Duo will  perform in Jecklin’s, historical Music House in Zurich on Friday December 11, . It is especially a honour for  La Belle Époque Duo to perform in one of the sacred temples of classical music in Zurich, especially during advent time, when the city shows its truest and warmest colours. Jecklin is part of Zurich’s cultural […]

  • “En-Gendering Monodrama” presented at Harvard University

    My paper on Morton Feldman’s Neither was selected to feature at the American Comparative Literature Association Conference at Harvard University.

  • One-Woman Act: Modernist Monodrama

    My interdisciplinary, practice-led project on twentieth-century musical monodrama.

  • Research report published on online journal

    My research report on the artistic work on musical monodrama I did in 2013-14 was published by online journal Music + Practice, issue 2, October 2015. The article, entitled ‘Female Epiphanies in Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century Monodrama: Experimental Study and Artistic Production’ was submitted two year ago, therefore is a little out of date. Here is a […]

  • Irish Research Council Award

    My project on twentieth-century musical monodrama has been awarded a two-year fellowship from the Irish Research Council. The project will be hosted at Maynooth University.

  • “Viajar”: ‘Monodrama I’ in Portugal

    In March 2015 I presented my ‘Monodrama I’ project at University of Aveiro, and offered a research seminar to the PG community at DeCA.

  • Starting from B: Freelancing and Starting from Scratch Over and Over Again.

    I am just back to Switzerland after a stimulating year as a Lecturer in Performance and in Musicology in Ireland, waiting for answers from job applications, and travelling around Europe to showcase my artistic research project and my musicological work.

  • Premiere: ‘Monodrama I’

    After almost a whole year planning and preparation, Monodrama I, the first work object of my artistic project, was finally performed in Bath Spa University, and produced by Bath Spa Live. Monodrama I was part of the soirée New Vocalities, dedicated to the work of great avant-garde singer Cathy Berberian. The production was possible thanks to support […]