Conference Convener:

Embodied Monologues research series and one-day symposium, Maynooth University, Ireland, 31 march 2017

Vocal Embodiment and Remediation, co-convener (main convener: Jason d’Aoust), seminar of the American Comparative Literature Association conference, Utrecht, July 2017

Conference presentations

January 2017 Vocality/Instrumentality, University of Huddersfield (14-15 January)
‘The Voice and its Instruments: Cathy Berberian’s New Vocality and the “living body”‘

November 2016 ‘New Music Theatre in Europe: Transformations between 1955-1975’, Giorgio Cini Foundation, Venice (26-27 November). INVITED SPEAKER: Panel Title: Reconceiving the Performer

July 2016 Performance Studies Network International Biennial Conference, Bath Spa University
‘Neither in performance: background study and notes for an experimental production’ (14-17 July)

July 2016 ‘Music and Visual Cultures’ International Conference, Maynooth University (21-23 July)
La Voix humaine and the epiphany of the performer’s identity’

June 2016 Society of Musicology of Ireland Plenary Conference, Dublin City University, Dublin
LECTURE RECITAL: The Quest for Voice: En-Gendering Neither

April 2016 Operatic Immersions: Inaugural conference of the Northern Opera Research Network, Huddersfield University and Leeds (22-23 April).
‘Monodramatic Immersions: Repositioning the Solo Performer’s Embodied Voice’

March 2016: American Comparative Literature Association International Conference, Harvard University (17-20 March 2016), Seminar on Posthumanist Vocality I, II.
‘Neither self nor unself: the aporìa of a posthuman vocality in Feldman’s and Beckett’s monodrama’

September 2015: Biennial ‘International Conference on Music Since 1900’, Glasgow University (12-15 Sept. 2015)
‘Voices of the Avant-Garde’

March 2015: International Conference: “Intertextuality in Music since 1900” New University, (Lisbon, 6-8 March 2015):
‘Intertextuality and Intersubjectivity in Recital I’

March 2015: INVITED SPEAKER, DeCA (Department of Communication and Arts), (Aveiro,5 March 2015)
‘Recital I: Experimental Study and Artistic Production’

Nov. 2014: INVITED SPEAKER, Faculty of Music, Liverpool Hope University (26 Nov. 2014)
‘Recital I: Experimental Study and Artistic Production.’

Oct. 2014: INVITED SPEAKER, School of Music and Performing Arts, Bath Spa University, UK (23 Oct. 2014)
‘Subjectivity and Identity in Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century Musical Monodrama: The Case of Recital I.’

July 2014: International Conference of the Centre for Musical Performance as Creative Practice, University of Cambridge (17-20 July 2014)
‘A Practice-Led Approach to Twentieth-Century Monodrama Based On Primary Sources’

Feb 2014: The Limits of Control, Orpheus Centre for Advanced Studies and Research in Music (26-27 February 2014) Ghent (BE)
‘Arranging and Performing Recital I (for Cathy): An Open Approach to Twentieth-Century Musical Monodrama’

Sep 2013: Biennial ‘International Conference on Music Since 1900’, Liverpool Hope University (12-15 Sept. 2013)
LECTURE RECITAL: Recital I (for Cathy) by Luciano Berio

June 2013 Rethinking Poulenc, Keele University (21-23 June 2013)
‘La Voix humaine (1959-2013) and the ‘Epiphany’ of the Performer’s Identity.’

May 2013: Alternative Modernisms: An International, Interdisciplinary Conference, Cardiff University (16-18 May 2013).
‘One-Woman Act: Femininity and the Performer’s Identity in Modernist Monodrama’.

Nov 2012: INVITED KEYNOTE SPEAKER: ‘Performing Modernism’ International Symposium, University of Oslo Centre for Research on Performance and Modernism (27-28 November 2012)
‘One-Woman Act: Loss, Femininity and the Performer’s Identity in Cocteau’s and Poulenc’s La Voix humaine’.

June 2012: 17th Biennial International Conference on Nineteenth-Century Music, University of Edinburgh (27-30 June 2012).
“Saverio Mercadante’s I briganti: A French Revolution?”

Jul 2011: Annual RMA Conference, “Horizons”, University of Sussex, Falmer.
“Expanding Horizons in Performance: Cathy Berberian and “The New Vocality” (1966).

Dec 2010 Francophone Music Criticism Colloquium, Université Libre, Brussels.
“The Critical View: Mercadante in Paris (1835-36)”.

Jul 2010: 16th Biennial International Conference on Nineteenth-Century Music, University of Southampton
“Mercadante in Paris (1835-36)”.

May 2010: Society of Musicology of Ireland Annual Conference, University of ULSTER, Londonderry. Title of Paper: Mercadante in the Parisian Press (1835-36).

Nov 2009: American Musicological Society Annual Conference, Philadelphia.
“’Unwrapping the Voice’: Cathy Berberian’s and John Cage’s Aria (1958)”.

Jan 2009: RMA Student Research Conference, King’s College, London
“Cathy Berberian: Performance and the Creative Process”.

Sep 2008: Facoltà di Musicologia di Cremona, Italian Lexicon on Harmony in the Renaissance Project Results: “Harmonia in the works of Gioseffo Zarlino”.

Oct 2007: AMS Fall Meeting Southwestern Chapter, University of Texas at Austin.
“Cathy Berberian: Performance as Composition”.