Research report published on online journal

My research report on the artistic work on musical monodrama I did in 2013-14 was published by online journal Music + Practice, issue 2, October 2015. The article, entitled ‘Female Epiphanies in Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century Monodrama: Experimental Study and Artistic Production’ was submitted two year ago, therefore is a little out of date. Here is a short excerpt from the content.

Recital 1 is a part of a trans-disciplinary study of twentieth-century musical monodrama, which focuses on modern musical stage works set for female solo performer. Through methodologies and creative processes appropriate to artistic research and applied to a number of case studies (among them Recital 1), this undertaking critically challenges the role of female solo performers in this genre, and integrates artistic experimentation as an additional structural element to the discourse.