A very positive review of our book was published in the journal Studies in Musical Theatre Volume 8 Number 3© 2014 Intellect Ltd Book Reviews. I will just quote a few lines from the review by Johanna Linsley, University of Bristol “As Francesca Placanica notes, Berberian’s status as ‘muse’ to a series of famous male composers […]

My research report on the artistic work on musical monodrama I did in 2013-14 was published by online journal Music + Practice, issue 2, October 2015. The article, entitled ‘Female Epiphanies in Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century Monodrama: Experimental Study and Artistic Production’ was submitted two year ago, therefore is a little out of date. Here is a […]

Douglas and I performed  Lecture Recital during the Biennial International Conference “Music Since 1900” at Liverpool Hope University. Our lecture recital was the result of many months of work on materials related to Recital I , a short snippet of which was also featured in our presentation. In particulr, I worked on the musicological background researching […]