NePraMusT: Online Report 2. Creative Shared Spaces. A Multidisciplinary Residency.

This report documents a three-day artistic residency undertaken at the Bidston Observatory Artistic Research Centre (BOARC) in Bidston, Liverpool. Between 12 and 14 January 2024, members of the CXP and guest artist-researcher Dr Ilona Krawczyk gathered to undertake theatre laboratory and other training activities. The focus of our explorations were the research questions and positions of NePraMusT.

Bidston Observatory is a unique venue, comprising different creative spaces and offering exceptional opportunities for site-specific performances. The walls of the place resonated with our embodied practice, providing a scenographic pendant to our artistic expressions.

In this excerpt, all participants to the residency came together to device vocal improvisations led by Dr Ben Spatz. The laboratory was captured through the suggestive impression of Claire Bend’s camera work.

During the residency, we consolidated work undertaken through the DCTV method in November. In particular, Kate and I addressed again the textual implications of Eight Songs for a Mad King. Here, our devised practice and improvs took place in one of the dorms.

Very compelling to my research, I have undertaken two foundational vocal trainings. One based on Alfred Wolfsohn and Roy Hart’s vocal technique, facilitated by actor-scholar Kate Holden.

One facilitated by post-Grotowskian practitioner and embodiment scholar Dr Ilona Krawczyk

With Thanks to the Research Budget of the MSCA Individual Fellowship 2022-24