• Embodied Monologues 2017: Conference Report

    Embodied Monologues Symposium Department of Music and South Campus, Maynooth University, 31 March 2017  In recent years, the emergence of practice-based and performance-led research has generated knowledge derived from embodied practices, which have done much to expand the epistemic fields centred on the body and its place in philosophy and aesthetics. Until now, however, solo […]

  • La Voix humaine @ Music Town Dublin

    Our production of La Voix humaine made it into the Music Town 2017 Festival programme. Our performance took place on April 8, 2017 at 20:00 in the Lutherhaus (St, Finian’s Church, 23, Adelaide Road, Dublin), in an evening named  ‘La Voix humaine and Other Voices’.     The production was part of my artistic research project ‘En-Gendering Monodrama’, currently hosted at Maynooth University and supported by […]

  • A Review from the premiere of ‘La Voix humaine’

    It is my pleasure to introduce the following review, written by musicologist, academic lecturer, journal editor-in-chief, Dr Susanna Pasticci, who attended the premiere of the production as a member of the audience during the conference Music and Visual Cultures, in July 2016. Lights and darkness in the solitude of the number “one” La Voix humaine (text by Jean Cocteau, music by Francis […]

  • Production Costs and Budgets

    La Voix humaine Full Production, Maynooth University, July 21, 2017 Final Expenditure Pocket Production, Maynooth University, March 2, 2017 Costs Income Pocket Production, Music Town 2017, Lutherhaus, Dublin, April 8, 2017 Costs Ticket Sales Contribution of the City Council    

  • ‘La Voix humaine’, Dublin Music Town 2017

    Thrilled to announce we made it into the line-up of Dublin Music Festival Music Town 2017! Our application went through a revision and competition process against a number of exciting music projects and events encompassing musical styles and genres. And… we made it! A fully staged production of Francis Poulenc’s one-performer opera La Voix humaine comes to […]

  • ‘La Voix humaine’ ‘pocket’ production @ Maynooth University

    Our ‘En-Gendering Monodrama’ production of La Voix humaine returns to Maynooth University after its successful premiere last July. The performance will be held in Riverstown Hall, South Campus as part of the university lunchtime concert series, and will begin at 1:10 pm.   Open to staff and students, the event will collect donations in support of the next productions […]

  • Recording a Soundtrack

    After months spent rehearsing and preparing for a studio recording of Neither, the day finally arrived. Shane identified the studio that was ideally suited to prepare the soundtrack for our opera-film inspired by Morton Feldman and Samuel Beckett’s one-woman opera Neither. Aileen, Shane and I geared up to spend what we knew would have been a draining but […]

  • Post-Grotowskian Acting Training at CPPR

    En-Gendering Monodrama: Training days at The Centre for Psychophysical Performance Research, University of Huddersfield. 5-day intensive training with Dr Ben Spatz and Ilona Krawczyk. Day 1, 10 January 2017 On the first day, we started our session with breathing exercises, and we went through some basics to explore positions of stillness. I contemplated that even […]

  • The Embodied Monologues Research series receives institutional and financial support

    I am delighted to announce that my Embodied Monologues Research Series has received the support of the Society for Musicology in Ireland, and of the Faculty of Arts, Celtic Studies and Philosophy at Maynooth University (MU).  The Embodied Monologues Symposium, to be held on March 31 at Maynooth University, will count on the institutional support […]

  • ‘Embodied Monologues’ Research Series Launched today

    I am happy to be launching today my Embodied Monologues Research Series hosted by Maynooth University and taking place in different institutions across Ireland. Embodied Monologues seeks to generate responses and challenges to the idea of solo or ‘mono’ performance. What, it asks, is the role of the intertextual, the multimedial, the intercorporeal in this mode […]