Southampton’s Musical Alphabet: C as in Chamber Music

We participated to Southampton’s Musical Alphabet, a musical marathon organised by Southampton University’s Turner Sims Concert Hall. On Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 March 2012, musicians took over Southampton to perform an unprecedented 26 hours of alphabetical music: a Musical Alphabet. Throughout the weekend the city came alive with a multitude of sounds as internationally-renowned artists, local professionals, community groups and young people’s ensembles joined together to take audiences from A to Z all in 26 hours. The weekend featured three world premieres and a total of over 50 events performed by over 500 performers in 23 locations. The event showcased a number of events by alphabet letter (for example R for Rock) each hour across a number of prestigious venues in Southampton. Southampton’s Musical Alphabet was one of the many events that animated the countdown to the London Festival all around the country. Music Nation was the first nationwide countdown event for the London 2012 Festival. The weekend of events, led by the BBC and taking place across the UK, will run from 10am to 11 pm on Saturday and Sunday in Southampton, launching one letter in each hour.

Tom and I, the Rosso’n Blue Duo, were assigned letter C: C as in Chamber Music, and were hosted by a prestigious venue: the lounge of the Dolphin Hotel, a historical hotel and restaurant in Southampton, which featured a stunning atmosphere for our lunchtime café concert. It is worth mentioning that the event won the BBC3 Music Nation prize for best event across the South of England. It certainly was a unique experience, and a major event that will be hardly replicated in the future.

Southampton’s Musical Alphabet: C as in Chamber Music,

3 March 2012, 12:00 am

 The Dolphin Hotel, High  Street, Southampton

Rosso ‘n’ Blue Voice and Piano Duo in Café Concert


Music by Satie, Poulenc, Porter and Gershwin.


Francesca Placanica, Soprano
Tom Green, Piano